Dinner Was Served
By Polomare
December 2009 * 765 Words * Rated R

Author’s Note: A shortfic loosely based around the Star Trek Voyager episode Counterpoint. J/Kashyk, but J/C Safe. Rated R for vague Hannibal reference (The cannibal, not the military commander). By strange request.

Disclaimer: Paramount, just put down the characters and back slowly away. No one has to get hurt here.


“Do you think it’s because I like to look at you and imagine how good you would taste?”

Janeway had shrugged her bathrobe tighter across her bosom, covering as much of her exposed flesh as possible. She had hoped he didn’t pick up on the nervous gesture. But judging by his opening line, he obviously did. She had showered after their late night strategizing session in the messhall. She had every reason to believe that would be the last she would see of him until morning. Clearly, his diabolical mind was not yet ready to call it a night. He had sweet talked his security detail into accompanying him to her quarters under the guise of hammering out one more crucial detail of their plan. She should have thrown him out considering her state of undress. But there was a game to be played; and never let it be said that she was the one who called a time-out.

Janeway flipped on her 'coy' switch. "My, my, the prudish Devore Imperiam shrinks in the face of the threat of telepaths devouring their thoughts, but they have no problem devouring human flesh?"

Her words escalated the intensity of his gaze. "I assure you, Captain..." He drew his fingers wistfully through the air, mimicking a lover's trace of her collarbone. He was a half-metre away, but the gesture scored her flesh like a hot iron. "I haven't eaten a mate..."  He arched an eyebrow at her with sinister glee. "...in ages."

Flippant sarcasm aside, there was something about the way he looked at her that made her wonder if she should doubt that. “A mate?” She scoffed at his brazen implication. “What about an adversary?”

Kashyk leaned forward with an agonizing slowness. Slow enough that Janeway was able to withstand the fear response to pull back from him, but with enough menace to make her wish she had.

Inches from her face he opened his mouth as if to breathe on her, but didn’t. He focused on her lips as he spoke. She struggled against the involuntary urge to lick them while he was watching her so intently. “What makes you think we’re adversaries, Captain?”

“What makes you think we’re mates?”

“Because I can already taste you.” He circled her slowly. Like a cheetah appraising the beauty of a gazelle for one last moment before shredding that beauty for sustenance. “The outer layer of your flesh is tender but resistant. I have to clamp down hard,” he grunted suggestively. “harder than usual."  He sucked in his breath “But, oh, the sweet reward when my teeth burst through your outer skin and sink into the savory warmth of your muscle. Your meat has a shocking bitterness to it that makes me gasp for air. But then I adjust to your flavor and I’m suddenly famished. I lap at your pool, lick your sinew and suck, oh I can’t get enough. I suck so hard you scream my name. You think you want me to stop, but deep down inside you know you really don’t. It’s paralyzing and yet invigorating at the same time.” He was directly behind her now. He leaned across the nape of her neck.  He forced a whisper in her ear. "Come, Captain, let me show you the spiritual ecstasy of being consumed alive! You’ve never felt anything like it, I assure you."  

With eerie suddenness, he adjusted the hoarse rasp of his voice to the silk of a diplomat finalizing a trade negotiation. "When I'm done with you, I'll let you reciprocate.”

Janeway trembled. Her eyelids drifted shut as gooseflesh erupted on her skin. She had to concentrate on minimizing her body's response. She was for a moment, as Kashyk promised, paralyzed by the thought and yet invigorated by the imagery at the same time.

And then Chakotay cleared his throat.

Kathryn didn't need to look in the direction of her bedroom doorway. She knew who was standing there. And It was positively delightful that Kashyk did not.

Kashyk recoiled from her side swiftly. He gaped at the sight of Voyager's first officer clad in nothing but his grey underclothes, leaning comfortably against the doorframe of the captain's bedroom.

Neither man said anything. Neither needed to.

Janeway twirled on her heel to face Kashyk. "Thank you for your generous offer." She echoed his earlier diplomatic tone with equal skill. "But I'm afraid I am going to have to decline." The coolness of her voice provided an unnerving contrast to the fire in her eyes.

"You see, Inspector, I've already eaten."

~ The End ~

Fabulous Artwork By Ewige

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