Cool Things My Voyager Friends Have Given Me
For Various Reasons . . .

Spectator Sport
By: petalled
For polomare. Janeway and Chakotay play Velocity. Ficlet.
Rated: K+ - English - Humor - K. Janeway, Chakotay - Words: 321 - Published: Apr 5, 2008

What We Saw
By: petalled
For polomare. How exactly did both Janeway and Chakotay get the bug bites that led to their being stranded on New Earth? Janeway reflects on her relationship with her first officer as they stand beside a lake. Fluffy one-shot. Rated: K - English - Romance - K. Janeway, Chakotay - Words: 1,159 - Published: Mar 17, 2008

Cool Siggy from Ewige! You can find her on Stargate's GateWorld as "ES"

Avi From KlingonLady
visit her YouTube page for the best Paris/Torres vids on the internet! she writes hot P/T fanfiction too!

Yeah. . . not so much given to me . . .
more like. . . I STOLE IT!!!

All Three Awesome Avis By
The Avatar Mistress Ewige!

ID Card compliments of VAMB Admin Chris
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ID Card compliments of Starfleet Rebel
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Voyager avatars, fiddles and wallpaper! Some cool vids, too

From Ewige's Guess The Pairing Contest - February 2009

I call this the *SQUEE* fiddle!
By the multi-talented CAMRYN!

J/C Trail Ride, Anyone? By Camryn
AKA Keaton Bridges on
check it out for all her most recent stories!


Equestrian Janeway Fiddled By Ewige!

Equestrian Janeway Fiddled By Ewige!

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